wāni Le Frère

a proud descendant of the Bashi PEOPLES OF WALUNGU, as well as the current Incarnation of the Afronaut


Currently based in Naarm (Melbourne). Enjoys red velvet cupcakes, anime is generally quite happy to be alive.


s a p o l o g i e

Founded in 2016 by wāni. Sapologie is a showcase of incredible visual, auditory and performance based talent, with formative Roots in the Congo, Sapologie embodies a vivid, unapologetically stylish existence.

Sapologie March 2018, Photo Credit: @Ivy Mutuku

t a l e S o f a n a f r o n a u t

Arts House, 2017. Visuals: Samuel Kwong

b a n d o f b r o t h a z

Founded in 2017. Howler, 2018. Visuals: Kidus

l e t S t a l k

‘Let’s Talk’ a series of free public talks addressing anti blackness - Spoken word performance

Blak Dot Gallery, 2017. Visuals: Ivy Mutuku

v i c t o r i a p o e t r y S l a m s t a t e C h a m p i o n s h i p

2018 Victoria State Finals winner


M e l b o u r n e W r i t e r s F e s t i v a l

Photo by: Liyat G Haile Photography • www.liyatphotography.com •


K i t o k o

Kitoko is the Lingala word for beauty, and in a world that doesn’t often afford folk of Colour in particular bla(c)k folk an autonomy to their own ideals, Kitoko is a vision that looks to celebrate all that is beautiful about us, by us and for all those supporters, allies and consumers of bla(c)k culture. This night will feature a schedule of music performances, a fashion show by some notable Melbourne designers and our most honest expressions of truths, by leading contemporary voices.

Don’t get high off your own supply
— Biggie Smalls