Sapologie was founded in 2016 as a celebration of the visions and voices of some of Melbourne’s most talented and boldest young artists with an evening of spoken word, music, story telling and much more. With Roots in The Congo, Sapologie embodies a vivid, unapologetic and stylish resistance. 

2017 looks to expand this vision as this growing movement looks to take flight into a new era of performance and being. Created, produced, directed and curated by wāni this has become more than just and evening of incredible poetry and storytelling, but rather a movement giving voice to a whole new generation of creatives


band of brothaz

The Band of Brothaz was founded in june 2017 by wāni as an experimental sonic collective made up of poets, rappers, beat makers and music lovers from first nations of so called Australia to the varying nations of Africa/African Diaspora as a collective band of brotherhood and solidarity

Encre noire

Encre Noire was the begining of an Era for wāni in 2015, as he co-produced his first ever show to a sold out crowd at the Footscray community Arts Centre alongside Murphy Kahasha. A show that celebrated black and brown bodies in a way that re-centred them as authors to their own narritves, this show was talked about long after it had passed and is still the marker for the begining of a passionate drive to keep re-claiming that space in the best way we know how

 Tales Of An Afronaut (photo cred: Ruth Ruach, Arts House, 2017)

Tales Of An Afronaut (photo cred: Ruth Ruach, Arts House, 2017)

An ode to the flourishing of life and the telling of the untold, Tales of an Afronaut pays tribute to the incredible lineage of storytelling embedded deep within the black/African diaspora. Through a lens both retrospective and current.

Created & Performed by:
wāni Le Frère guest featuring Nasa & Neil Morris

Show Review: https://tagg.com.au/wanis-tale-afronaut/